certificazioni tensotend

Our company policy is aimed at continuous improvement and customer satisfaction: over the years that has led Tensotend to obtain various certifications attesting its engagement and placing it among the best specialists at the top of the sector.
The certifications obtained testify to our responsibility, but also to the passion and the harmony of a consolidated team over the years: we are always in a continuous research for innovation.

ISO 9001

Already ten years ago Tensotend obtained the ISO 9001 quality certificate, which certifies that the management of all operational phases is carried out in compliance with the international ISO standards. This system is able to develop and control every production phase, and to direct the company to achieve results in line with market expectations, and also it is the basis of all other certifications.

CE Marking – 1090

All manufacturers of steel and aluminum structures must provide, starting from July 1, 2014, the implementation of the CE marking according to EN 1090-1, a standard that describes the requirements and procedures for the affixing of the CE marking, according to the EU regulation.
With this certification, which guarantees high quality standards, the manufacturer implements a Production Control System. The Notified Body certifies that all what is implemented and produced complies with current regulations, and also it issues a Production Control Certificate.
According to the law, organizations that make welded structures, or parts thereof, in steel or aluminum, must use only qualified and licensed welders. Although that is mandatory by law, nowadays Tensotend is one of the few companies in the sector to have obtained this certification (for the EXC2 execution class).

SOA Certificate

The SOA certification is the compulsory certification for participation in tenders and public works.
It is a document that, during the tender, certifies the ability of the company to perform public works, and guarantees the company’s possession of all the requisites envisaged by the current legislation.
The SOA Certificate is issued following an investigation and qualifies the company to perform work according to amounts categories. Tensotend obtained the attestation for the following categories:
OS18A (III BIS) Structural Components in Steel: concerning the production in the factory and the assembly of steel structures for amounts up to 1.5 MLN €.
OS33 (III BIS) Special Coverings: concerning the construction and maintenance of particular covers such as tensile structures, geodesic roofing, roofing coverings, paneled roofs and the like for amounts up to 1.5 MLN €.