Square pagoda cover is made in two sizes: 4×4 mt and 5x5mt.  For larger surfaces we produce the Octagonal Pagoda with a diameter of 10 mt.

The structure is made from aluminum with a special profile including  slip and gutter ducts. The internal side height is 2.70 mt,  which gives versatility to the structure making it perfect for any small event.

The pvc covering membranes for roofs and side walls, are made of waterproof PVC coated fabrics with a weight of 750 gr / m2.  Additionally, we provide sliding side walls that can be fully opened or collected around the poles, or closed by folding zippers.

Fixing to the ground by steel plates secured  with stakes sunk in the ground and giving stability to the cover.


Circular Tents are made in width from 8 to 30 meters.  Singly used, they are very flexible for special areas, but  in multiple use they can provide a larger covered surface.

The structure is made from anodized aluminum bars and assembled by special galvanized steel joints.

Roofs and side walls are made of waterproof PVC double coated fabrics with a weight of 750 gr / m2,  fire-retardant, with a weight of 750 gr / m2.  The peculiarity is that each modular section is independent thanks to the design of special slip ducts where  each roof section can roll.  This technological innovation allows greater facility in setting up and maintenance.

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