The ARCO structures are made with a free frontal width  from 12 to 40 meters and when compared to the MAXI and MINI structures,  thanks to their polygonal shape they obtain higher useful internal heights.

They are therefore particularly suitable for very important events that require the use of large sets, such as fashion shows, theatrical events and great conventions.

The structure is made up in anodized aluminum and with  modular  length by 5 meters spans each.

The pvc covering membranes for roofs and side walls, are made of waterproof PVC coated fabrics with a weight of 750 gr / m2, fire retardant class 2.   Each modular covering roof membrane runs in special slip ducts inside the aluminum profile:  this makes them independent of each other facilitating their assembly and maintenance; moreover, they can be closed quickly by folding zippers.

On request we can provide different solutions for PVC  fabrics:  various colours or transparent crystal, windows.

In addition, it is possible to provide the structure with the curved roof-ridge.

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